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internet and programs solution

internet and programs solution

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Electronic commerce solution with system content management :
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      Simple sales
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Who needs a Web site ?
10 reasons why need site
What information should include site?
What the site needs to perform?
What kind of graphics on the site should to be?
So why choose VipNet?
What needs to start?

Free templates for build sites from 399Nis

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Who needs a Web site ?
    From small businesses to large
  • Do you have a business?
  • Want to increase sales?
  • To acquire more customers?
  • To advertise the products?

  • Of this and more... can to help you website.
10 reasons why need site
    Identity site is a business card
  • Identity site contains the phone numbers , including addresses with access to your business + hours of receiving the public , that does not contain a standard business card
  • Identity site would help to potential client to receive the information of business on the site
    An interactive website is the significantly tool for your business
  • Interactive site allows users to leave comments to owner business ,it will help improve service and all that is required
  • Interactive site allows to watch videos to better understand the topic, it will benefit for promotion products
  • Interactive site allows to answer questions to potential customers and existing on the Live chat - What's will stop them to look elsewhere
    Catalog site is tool for advertise products or any servis
  • Catalog site allows the owner of the business view and publish its products online to the public
  • Catalog site allows you to add and update the information or rules to employees without intervention webdisign
    Online shop site is a tool of electronic commerce
  • Online shop site allows to sell the product or service online without any contact seller
  • Internet shopping site allows customers to update subscription, that will help retain existing customers and gain new customers
  • Online shop site allows to advertise their products in what increasing the sales and business physical
    And Forum, a News site , Recreation .....
What information should include site?
It should be noted clearly the areas business, a basket of services . Not has to be the language of blatant , resorting to visitors or in relation to other businesses
It's important to remember! Sometimes the site is face of business
What the site needs to perform?
There should be no breakdowns on the site, providing a breakage customers away from the page!
Which graphic must site to be?
You can use graphics and the design on the site Related to your Business , photos , banners ....
So why choose VipNet?
    Express site of VipNet is integrated program
  • Express site allows to build identity site to a site catalog or shop online of electronic commerce and more ...According to customer request
  • Express site allows to build complete site without knowledge of coding or computer special training
  • Express site allows to build complete site in three languages (Hebrew, English, Russian)
  • Express site allows to install templates and modules
  • Express site includes promotion of SEO(Search engine optimization)

  • And all this with the individual approach to each client, For the lowest prices
What needs to start ?
Decided to build a site, and who knows what to do?
Fill the form below and we'll answer your questions

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